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Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

Beginn: 19:45 Uhr | Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

Neu im VVK | Alle Veranstaltungen | Live @ Halle

Preis VVK: 20,-€ zzgl. Geb.

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Is the man part machine or is the machine part man? 

Mesmer, Northlane’s beautiful new album, represents both sides of the equation. The band’s most organic yet precise album yet, it covers familiar topics but renders them in a new way, at once paying heed to the band’s heaviest roots and looking forward to an unwritten future. It is the fullest and most accurate expression yet of who Marcus Bridge (vocals), Jonathon Deiley (guitar), Josh Smith (guitar), Alex Milovic (bass) and Nic Pettersen (drums) really are. 

“The album started taking shape around a lyric from Savage – ‘Through the eyes of the sun’ – which talks about what human society looks like from an external, objective viewpoint,” says Marcus. “And from there, the writing became more and more personal but still retained that same sense of context and interest in the bigger picture.” 

“Jon said while we were writing in Germany that we shouldn’t be afraid of saying what’s important to us, and whether it’s a story about someone who’s passed away or something broader regarding the state of the world then so be it,” he continues. “It really is all one and the same.” 


The abiding theme of Mesmer (produced by David Bendeth) is magnetism between all living creatures, something which has its roots in the psychedelic experience and which has been percolating within Northlane’s consciousness since the band’s inception. “Was it intentional for Mesmer to be thematically connected to Node? Definitely not,” smiles Josh. “But we have an album called Singularity. These ideas have always been there.” 


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