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Montag, 06. Mai 2019

Beginn: 20:30 Uhr | Einlass: 19:30 Uhr

Neu im VVK | Alle Veranstaltungen | Live @ Club

Preis VVK: 15,-€ zzgl. Geb.

Veranstalter: Backstage Concerts GmbH



Demon Head is diabolic rock. The collective of dark riders merge the raw energy of classic heavy metal with ominous harmonies from shrouded and obscure corners of dark music, and even traditional North Sea folk. Since the band came to life in Copenhagen in 2012, Demon Head has toured extensively, played more than 150 shows all over Europe, appeared at some of the finest festivals for underground rock, and come to be renowned for their releases of very high musical quality. The band has grown into a mature, singular entity, known for dedication and a spell-like intensity. Hellfire Ocean Void, the third full-length album, will be released through Svart Records on February 22nd, and it is truly a vessel of a yet more visceral sound.

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