We proudly present an evening for the music gourmets, who want to make a journey through funk over rock to metal.


Freitag, 25. Juni 2021

Beginn: 20:00 Uhr | Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

Alle Veranstaltungen | Abstandskonzerte | Neu im VVK | Live @ Halle

Preis VVK: 15,-€ inkl. Geb.



Die Show wurde auf den 25.06.21 verlegt.



Passion Control (Jazz/Funk/Fusion) 

Passion control is pure emotion! Joie de vivre, love, lust and passion! The pieces grab the soul AND you can feel it. The bands joy of playing spreads like a conflagration in the audience. 


Passion Control is a jazz funk fusion band from Munich, which mainly plays their own compositions.

Musically the pieces cover a wide range between fast, danceable funk with jazzy and freely improvised elements and also influences of rock. 


Still Awake (Melodic Metal) 

Winner of the south German Emergenza finals 2017. 

Still Awake is a Melodic Metal band from Munich Germany, that combines progressive guitar riffs and juicy Heavy Metal parts with a strong female voice. Their musical and cultural diversity is reflected by their style - no song is either hard or soft, but they span a wide spectrum to which the audience may dance, cry and bang their heads.


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